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Webber Carbs and Manifold - 1/8 scale

Webber Carbs and Manifold - 1/8 scale

A set of Weber carbs for the 1/8 scale E Type jaguar, complete with the inlet manifold and intake trumpets/stacks.
A simple 'swap' to exchange the carbs for the awful Revell under-scale SU items.

NOTE: These are resin castings and require finishing by the buyer.

The carbs are models of the DCOE45 as used on racing and many road E Types.
FAR better looking, and more impressive than the kit parts.

Carbs, inlet trumpets and manifold are supplied.
NO other parts or kit parts included.

Fuel lines and linkages can be added by the buyer if required - details of how to do it are included.

The photo's show the carbs, etc fitted to scratch built 1/8 scale Jaguar C and D Types as well as the Revell 1/8 E Type.
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