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As well as being a keen modeller of Garden Railways (and cars) Roy has written and illusrated several books:

Worter on the Water

A hilarious tale of....


read it and see!

The hilarious adventures of a village some 150 years ago, who's occupants wake up one morning to find that the local river has disappeared. Cue all kinds of comical characters, from Granny Grayling, the village water diviner, (Ret.) Albert Quilt the village Alderman, Barry Simpson who talks rather strangely, Danny Dingle with a VERY personal itch and Bembridge Scooter who answers questions before they've been asked!
Along the way they travel through graveyards infested with biscuit eating ghosts who love to play Poker, underground tunnels, a creepy house occupied by a girl so ugly she wears a bag on her head, and the village fayre next door to the biggest bonfire in recorded history.
Funny is close. Hilarious is closer.

To buy either of these books, click the book cover to go to Amazon.

Shadowland the Legend -
Now a movie and a multiple award winning book!
Winner of 2nd prize in the
2013 San-Francisco book awards, and 'Honourable mention' in the New York book awards. 

Now a brand new family adventure feature film by Johanna Kern: a boy considered to be the chosen one faces his destiny in the mythical Shadowland.

Frank and his sister Caroline arrive in mythical Attic Town in Shadowland, where the Great Syndicate is ruling and robbing citizens. An army of Shadows kidnaps anyone who is out after dark and the Patrolling Thieves make the daylight miserable for everyone. Attic Town is a place where the streets have no names and there is no turning back.
Not realizing that they have shifted in space and time, Frank and Caroline split, looking for directions. Wandering the streets, the boy meets Donlore, a young Patrolling Thief, and trusts this somewhat shadowy figure despite his first instincts.
Caroline finds herself on a farm outside of town. She soon sets on a journey to find her brother and help him realize his mistake. She has to find him before dark. When the night falls, he will remain one of the dark rulers forever and there will be no way back.

In the meantime, the underground opposition of Attic Town begins to revolt.

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