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Here you will find the answers to most of the commonly asked questions about our garden railway products...


What are your kits made of?

We now use a new modelling board that has a tougher 'weave' but is easier to cut, with a laminated gloss surface. All of the kit parts are printed in full colour so  all you have to do is cut the parts out with a sharp craft knife and straight edge and glue them together. Yes, our kits are card - but don't be fooled by that. We use 2mm thick Architects board. That's TOUGH!
The best glues to use are 'UHU' or if you are confident, thick 'Superglues'. 

How strong/waterproof are they?

If you follow the instructions, our kits are very tough and although not waterproof, they are cetainly weatherproof. A bit of damp or drizzle won't harm them.



Are your models suitable for children?

If you mean can children build them, the answer would be yes, but we CANNOT recommend them for children due to the safety regulations governing sharp tools and adhesives etc. Once built, they are IDEAL for children to use as they are so inexpensive - saving your prized models from their tenuous grasp!


What are your waterslide transfers like?

We use the highest quality decal film with a dense white background, so you must cut closely to each decal to avoid having any white showing. This is so that our decals can go over the darkest of backgrounds - even black - and still show bright, vibrant colour. If there is a particular decal you require that we don't list, just ask via our contact form. We always try to help.


What kind of chassis is included in the Complete kits?

These are primarily 2.25mm thick plastic sidewalls, steel axles, resin or plastic wheels, ready-built motor/gearbox/axle assembly and standard battery box and switch. Wiring is also included. We do not sell our chassis separately at present.

The aim of the entire kit is to be as inexpensive as possible, but once built, there models will last for years of sensible use.
We have many regular customers who bought kits nearly 10 years ago and they still use them regularly.


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