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Pocher Burr Walnut wood decal

Pocher Burr Walnut wood decal

An A5 sheet of beautiful Bookmatched Burr Walnut wood as a waterslide decal.
Looks amazing on you Pocher model car instead of just painting the parts brown, or trying to fiddle about with wood veneer or fake sticky-back vinyl.

The picture also shows a Pocher Rolls Royce Torpedo under construction, with the decal applied to the door caps.
The A5 sheet contains enough decal to cover several Pocher kits' 'wood' parts - dashboard, seat tops, door caps etc.
You will need to make paper templates and cut out the separate decals yourself, as no two Pocher kit types are the same.
(Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Fiat, Alfa Romeo etc)
The picture shows a very low resolution image.
The actual decal paper is very high resolution with beautiful Burr Walnut detail.

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    Note: You are buying an A5 sheet of waterslide wood-effect decal paper. It is not real wood.
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