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Mr Fusion for BTTF Delorean model kit

Mr Fusion for BTTF Delorean model kit


The missing waterslide decal for the 'Mr Fusion' reactor.
The kit is excellent. However, Mr Fusion has horrendous screw holes on one side, and the name is missing.

If you want a really detailed model you will need to glue the Mr Fusion parts together and fill the screw holes.
Then of course you will need the decals.

Our decal is extremely detailed and is fully readable being printed on a clear carrier film.
The decal has been created to be a 'one piece' wrap-around transfer for the entire Mr Fusion reactor.

You can if you wish, just use half the decal for the 'missing' side but we would suggest that repainting the entire reactor part (not the clear Mr Fusion logo's) and then wrapping the full decal around it would be better.

That way, there is no decal edge showing as the transfer is designed to cover the whole white part of the main reactor.
Detailed instructions are included for filling the screw holes, repainting the reactor and applying and placing the decal.

The image shown is deliberately blurred - the decal is extremely sharp.

NOTE: No model kit or parts is included.

You are buying a Mr Fusion decal only.

Outside UK please ask for postal rates.

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