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'Chunky' Diesel shunter

'Chunky' Diesel shunter

Brand new 'CHUNKY' Diesel shunter kit in full colour, complete with motor, battery box and switch, gearbox, chassis and wheels.
EVERYTHING you need except glue and batteries!
Available in plain yellow as image, dull maroon or pale green

Now you can get into Garden railways at a LOW cost.

Accurately scaled for 32mm but looks perfectly good on 45mm.

These kits are very easily built from pre-coloured modelling board. All you need to do is cut out the parts and glue them together. Virtually no painting needed.
Build up our budget chassis, add the batteries and away you go.

Don't be fooled by 'budget' though. Although the chassis is very simple, it has a tried and tested motor/gearbox that will give hours of inexpensive garden railway fun.

Can be built to run on 32mm or 45mm track. Lots of extra detail such as working lights, detail castings etc can easily be added by the buyer.

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