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7/8 Scale Chunky Diesel

7/8 Scale Chunky Diesel

A detailed model of a standard dock-type shunter body.
Scaled to fit 7/8 railways.
Can be built with several different open cab and optional roof styles. Available as TALL CAB or SHORT CAB. The short cab version is the full diesel scaled for 7/8.
Simply cut out the pre-coloured modelling board parts and glue together. Virtually no painting needed.
All you need to add is motive power using many of the readily available chassis and power bogies from garden rail suppliers.
  • Details

    Both versions are scaled for 7/8.
    The TALL cab version has a smaller 'nose' and smaller overall footprint: 19cm L x 9cm W x 16.4cm H
    The SHORT cab version is proportionally the same as the standard Chunky but scaled to fit 7/8: 27.7cm L x 12cm W x 15.2cm H
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