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1/8 Revell E Type Jaguar dashboard decals

1/8 Revell E Type Jaguar dashboard decals

At last, a set of totally correct decals for the dashboard of the Revell 1/8 scale E Type Jaguar.
These decals have been produced from genuine Jaguar gauges and are correct for the cars, right down to the clock on the Tachometer.
Also included is the switch name plates which are fully readable, the light switch bezel, a correct steering wheel horn push decal and even a tax disk for the windscreen.

Do yourself a favour and BIN the Revell decals.
These ones will stand up to scrutiny of even the most ardent Jaguar fanatic.
Placement instructions included.
  • Details

    NOTE: To be totally correct, you should file off the raised dashboard details as they are the wrong sizes.
    Also, you should try to convert to RHD if possible.

    The decals are printed on a dense white carrier film for maximum brightness.
    Each decal needs careful cutting out to remove any white film at the edges.
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